Dean Ward

Councillor for Grantham Arnoldfield Ward

My name is Dean Ward, and I have lived in Grantham for 25 years. I am an ex Royal Air Force Gunner and an avid fund raiser for Military charities, but now own a wine bar in Grantham. I am married and have a son who is currently serving in the RAF. 

My main objectives are to lobby for free town centre parking, work to stop public drinking in the town centre, and offer incentivies to market stall traders to entice them back into a town centre that has huge untapped potential.

I am passionate about what’s good for Grantham and what we can do to improve it. I’m a doer rather than a talker and dislike red tape. Recently I was responsible for getting the weather vane repaired and reinstalled in Wyndham park. I felt it was taking too long with too much talking and not enough doing so I asked the council if I could do it, and within a few weeks it was repaired, painted to its former glory and back where it should be.