David Mapp

Councillor for Bourne WestI am a lawyer by profession and took early retirement in 2008 moving to Bourne permanently in that year.  I am married to Christine who was born in Morton and has close family ties to Bourne.

Frances Cartwright

Councillor for Morton WardI have been the District Councillor for Morton and Haconby for the last 12 years and have enjoyed working for both villages during that time. Unfortunately the Boundary Commission have decided to move Haconby to the next ward as the combined villages have  a  larger than average electorate.I will continue to ensure that as a district council we work to attract employment to our area and that we give our existing  businesses every opportunity to thrive.

Barry Dobson

Councillor for Dolewood WardI have been a member of Thurlby Parish Council for 6 years and I am now in my third year as chairman. Among other issues, I have been involved in the reduction of the speed limit along the A15 between Thurlby and Northorpe as well as the upcoming installation of a signal-controlled crossing at Northorpe.