Ray Wootten

District Councillor for Grantham St Wulfram’s Ward
County Councillor for Grantham North Division

I have been re-elected as your Conservative Councillor for Grantham St Wulfram’s ward. I am also the County Councillor for Grantham North.

I am married to Linda with two grown up children. I retired as a Police Officer from Bedfordshire Police with 22 years service, prior to this I was in the Royal Air Force.                        

I am currently the Chairman of the Grantham East Neighbourhood Police Panel and Vice Chairman of Lincolnshire Police and Crime Panel. My aim is to make our community a safe place to live. I am responsible for designing out crime in an area that had suffered anti social behaviour for many years.  I also strongly promoted the new Anti Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.

In addition, I regularly attend Grantham Hospital board meetings and am a member of Shaping Health for Mid Kesteven which is planning the future health care in Grantham. I also attend Neighbourhood Resident Group meetings and local residents coffee mornings.

I have successfully represented your views on various major and minor planning issues including overturning a request for a mobile phone mast.

I am a member of Grantham Lions Club and a governor at two local schools.

I am also the Chairman of Grantham Almshouses.

Ray had a successful year as Mayor of Grantham 2009/10 raising over £15000 for local good causes.

I had the honour of being Chairman of Lincolnshire County Council and currently Vice Chairman of SKDC.

I believe in keeping Council tax low whilst maintaining a good level of service. I support the Grantham Growth plan and the East West Relief road.

Should the residents of Grantham decide at any time that they would want a Town Council, the Conservatives would do all they can to facilitate this.

I am passionate about serving the community.

See Also

Kelham Cooke

Leader of South Kesteven District Council
District Councillor for Casewick Ward

I live in the small village of Barholm within the Casewick Ward and for the past seven years have represented the parishes of Barholm, Baston, Greatford, Langtoft, Stowe, Tallington and Uffington.

Rosemary Trollope-Bellew

District Councillor for Casewick Ward
County Councillor for Deepings West & Rural Division

I have lived & worked in the area all my life and represented the area since 2011. At district I am Vice-Chairman of Engagement Policy Development Group and member of the Development Control Committee.

Bob Adams

District Councillor for Isaac Newton Ward
County Councillor for Colsterworth Rural Division

Bob has lived in the area since 1987.  His wife and daughters fully support him. Since being elected in 2007 he has served on the Planning Committee, Resources Policy Development Group while he has Chaired the Engagement Policy Development Group and was Chairman of the Council in 2009. Bob was th

Helen Goral

District Councillor for Grantham Arnoldfield Ward

Helen lives in Grantham, has two young children, and works as a Communications consultant.

Dean Ward

District Councillor for Grantham Arnoldfield Ward

Dean has represented the Arnoldfield Ward in Grantham on South Kesteven District Council since he was first elected in 2015.

George Chivers

District Councillor for Belmont Ward

Born in Perth, Scotland, I joined the Royal Air Force at the age of 15 ½.  During my time in the services, I have been posted to Aden, Singapore, Gan and Cyprus.

On my discharge, in 1975, I settled in Grantham at 129 Fifth Avenue, where I still reside.

Jane Kingman

District Councillor for Bourne Austerby Ward

Jane has been a Town Councillor for 13 years being proud to be Mayor in 2007/08.  She is a Trustee of the Butterfield Day Care Centre whilst previously running a Market Stall for many years on Bourne Market. Currently works for Warners Midlands PLC.

Robert Reid

District Councillor for Bourne Austerby Ward
County Councillor for Bourne South & Thurlby Division

Robert has had a career in hospitality latterly managing Toft House Hotel along with his wife and family. He frequently networks with Local Residents and business owners.

Nick Robins

District Councillor for Glen Ward

I have been honoured to serve you as District Councillor since 2011. I have recently purchased a property in Corby Glen and I am looking forward to moving into the Village. I was involved in the Car Industry for many years and now own an oven cleaning business in the area. Regularly attend all th

Jacky Smith

District Councillor for Grantham St Wulfram’s Ward

I was first elected to St Wulfram’s Ward in 2011 and was pleased to be re-elected in 2015 and 2019.  I have lived and worked in Grantham for many years, spending much of my time helping businesses to start up and grow, many of which are still trading locally and have grown substantially. I will c