Chris Benn

Council Candidate for Glen Ward

Chris is a retired sales executive and RAF pilot: he has been a life-long Conservative.  He learned to fly while at school and went on to fly a variety of aircraft, including Harriers.  He flew in the UK, Falkland Islands, Germany and Oman, until he moved on to desk work in 1994.  During three years with the USAF he graduated with distinction from a master’s level Strategic Studies programme at the United States Air University in Montgomery, Alabama.  He left the RAF in 2006 after 36 years.

His commercial experience is in sales of UK manufactured optronics, avionics, flight simulators, and aircrew survival and flight safety equipment, travelling internationally until his retirement in 2016.  He brings to the SKDC team broad experience of project and committee management, financial scrutiny, and history as a volunteer supporting diverse charitable enterprises.

Chris has lived in South Lincolnshire for the last 15 years, and has family history in Grantham: his wife, Jacqui, is from Peterborough.  He is a keen swimmer and uses the Grantham Meres pool regularly.

“As a grandfather I know it is hugely important for young people to get a sound start in life, make sensible decisions and to have confidence in themselves.  I want to ensure anything the District Council can do to contribute to an ethos of responsibility and self-reliance in early life through experience and education becomes a priority.”

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