Labour's Spending Dossier

A comprehensive analysis of Labour’s policies published today shows that Ed Miliband would increase borrowing and debt by £20.7 billion in just one year.

The astonishing figure is the equivalent of £1,200 additional borrowing for every working household in the country – hurting the economy and loading our children with more debt than they could ever hope to repay.

Ed Miliband had promised that he would not make any unfunded spending commitments at this General Election.

But since Labour made this pledge in June 2013, the party’s frontbenchers have made:

·         £23.26 billion of spending proposals for 2015/16

·         Only £2.52 billion of proposals to raise money in that year.

As a result, Labour have a £20.7 billion black hole in their spending plans – money which could only be found through more borrowing and higher taxes.  

The evidence produced today shows that Britain has a clear choice at the next General Election. We can continue on the road to a stronger economy with a competent Conservative team that have a long term plan. Alternatively we can choose the chaos that comes with Ed Miliband in Downing Street, leading our country to economic ruin just as Labour did before. 

Please find attached a pdf: A COST ANALYSIS OF LABOUR PARTY POLICY: THE SCORECARD FOR 2015/2016.


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