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200 Club

Every month a monthly draw which pays a prize of £20 takes place. Twice a year we also hold a 200 Club Party, at which a draw takes place and pays out a first prize of £250 and four prizes of £125.

Every member of the 200 Club is invited and you can also bring along a guest for a nominal charge. In the summer, the party is usually held at the home of our 200 Club Chairman, Mrs Jacky Smith.

In the Winter we usually hold the event at various locations across the Constituency including at the Association Headquarters.

Kesteven Business Forum

Everyone in Britain depends on thriving businesses to create jobs and generate the tax revenues that pay for schools, hospitals, roads, our Armed Forces and the Police. Your hard work keeps this country going.

The Kesteven Business Forum has been set up to provide a forum in which individuals and businesses within the local area can discuss the challenges they face with Nick Boles, Member of Parliament for Grantham & Stamford.

The Lady Thatcher Patrons' Club

The Lady Thatcher Club is always open for membership from people from all walks of life from within and without of the Grantham and Stamford Constituency who are interested in supporting the future of the Grantham and Stamford Conservative Association and the wider Conservative Party.